CloudJumper nWorkSpace
brings the workspace into the cloud, giving SMBs and enterprises access their desktops, apps, email and data from all their devices – computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone – anywhere business may be conducted.  Learn More…

Key Features

  • Windows 2012 server with Windows 8.1 user experience

  • 100 GB of personal and shared storage.

  • OS, desktop and application support and updates

  • Includes all IT infrastructure, storage and data backup

  • Supports cloud-ready version of Microsoft Office 365 and thousands of line of business apps

Key Benefits

  • Helps drive down IT costs

  • Supports a mobile workforce and BYOD

  • Protects the business from data loss and theft

  • The solution can scale to meet the staffing needs of the organization

CloudJumper JumpDrive
syncs data to the cloud, allowing access to files between servers, computers and other devices. Continuous backups and rapid restores ensure that teams have real-time access to the most recent file versions.  Learn More…

Key Features

  • 100 GB Storage per user

  • Continuous cloud backup

  • Anywhere, anytime access to files

  • Easy administration

Key Benefits

  • Promotes collaboration

  • Eliminates need for FTP

  • Greater security than other cloud storage/sharing options

  • Aligns with BYOD initiatives

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