Marketing & VoIP

The ways hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can impact a marketing strategy are often overlooked. A savvy marketer knows the ins and outs of how a reliable hosted VoIP can be used to enhance a marketing campaign.

Ready to find out? Here are four ways a hosted VoIP can be used to create an effective marketing strategy for your business.

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1.   Track Return on Investment (ROI)

What’s the number one key performance indicator for your marketing campaign? The ROI that the campaign is generating. A hosted VoIP system lets you track the data that you need to have a clear picture of your marketing ROI.

One way to take advantage of the hosted VoIP data-tracking features is to create several phone numbers for specific marketing campaigns. This data will help you evaluate what strategies and campaigns are resonating the most with your prospects and bringing the best return on investment.

Once you have that data, you can rinse and repeat what’s working and cut out what’s not. The best part is, you’ll be making these decisions based on hard, scientific data – not on a whim.

2.   Increase Conversions

Research shows that email alone, with no phone call, lowers the effectiveness of all sales efforts by almost 98%. This shocking statistic proves, once again, how vital a robust and comprehensive phone system is to driving business. The features of a hosted VoIP setups outperform traditional phone systems and are more cost-effective.

You need a system that allows your customers and prospects to reach your sales and customer service team easily. Hosted VoIP can easily integrate with your current customer relationship management (CRM) system. You can program calls to be forwarded automatically. There’s even an automation feature that can be applied to voicemail, sending it directly to email inboxes for simpler voicemail management.

The whole point of a marketing strategy is to bring in new business and increase conversions. Don’t let an outdated, traditional phone system be the reason your marketing strategy fails.

3.   Professional Impression

The cutting-edge technology of hosted VoIP allows even the smallest of companies to build and maintain a professional image. You can easily set up an Auto-Attendant that will take care of all call-routing in a professional manner, day or night.

The easy-to-use dashboard also allows anyone on your team to check who can take a call quickly. With remote access and mobile integration, no prospect or customer will be missed.

Once your marketing campaign is underway and gaining traction, you don’t want to lose leads because a call went unanswered, or a voicemail fell through the cracks.

4.   Boost Customer Satisfaction

The fastest-growing companies today put customer satisfaction as their number one priority. Whether it’s to stand apart from your competition or to keep up with your industry, creating the most seamless customer service experience is an integral part of most marketing strategies.

Your customers and prospects want to reach you—and they want to reach you now. Hosted VoIP has all the tools you need to ensure answers are called, voicemail is responded to promptly, and no matter your CRM, all your customer data can easily be integrated and enhanced.

Increase Your Potential with VoIP

Optimizing your marketing campaign and creating a seamless customer experience is one of the top reasons to switch to a hosted VoIP system. DB Networks Hosted PBX helps your business run smoother with less time lost. Hosted VoIP is surprisingly affordable and easily scalable.

We’d be happy to chat with you and help you understand all the features that VoIP can add to your marketing strategy.