Keeping up with the latest trends in digital technology is a big part of today’s business strategy.

While consumers can simply ride the wave of digital transformation, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve and keep on the forefront of what’s coming next.

Because of the pace at which digital transformation takes place, how employees communicate has also shifted rapidly. Take a look at five ways digital transformation is impacting how businesses communicate today.

business people using laptop

1.   Strategic Analytics

One of the benefits of our modern technological world is the ability for businesses to analyze data to make better and savvier business decisions.

Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems provide businesses with telecommunications metrics. What are your peak business hours? How many calls per day are you receiving? How many are going straight to voicemail?

Knowing this and more will help you make strategic decisions to optimize your enterprise.

2.   Personalized Customer Experience

When messages are specifically tailored to your customers, you elevate your customer’s experience. Research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experience. Findings also show that those same consumers are ten times more likely to become loyal customers.

Offering a personalized customer experience by adding in little touches like using the customer’s first name during phone calls can make a big difference. Hosted VoIP platforms offer a multitude of features to help elevate customer experience.

3.   Real-Time Communication

To stay abreast of ever-changing demands, you need a proven communication system. A hosted VoIP system makes it extremely easy to make crucial decisions when you need it the most. As issues arise, you need to reach stakeholders, and they need to be able to get ahold of you.

Hosted VoIP outperforms traditional phone systems and gives you the flexibility your business needs.

4.  Mobility

With the rise of modern technology, more employees than ever are being given the option to work remotely, increasing employee satisfaction and flexibility.

The ability to connect all your team members through one easy-to-use platform boosts productivity. Businesses today require extensive mobility features and comprehensive phone services. The additional benefits of low-cost and simplicity of use are the icing on the cake to hosted VoIP systems for today’s progressive enterprises.

5.   Transparency

Relationships are built on trust. Business-customer relationships are the same. Prospects who will turn into your best customers want to know everything about your product or service. Make it easy for your prospects and customers to find out about your company’s offerings by using strategic outlets to talk about your product or service.

When those prospects eventually become customers, they will have a good sense of who you are and trust your brand. All that translates into crafting an exceptional customer relationship.

By integrating the latest technology of hosted VoIP systems, you can keep up your strong customer bond through synced contacts, introducing an automated Auto-Attendant and running reports to understand your customer relationships.

Transform Your Business Communications

Recognizing the realities of digital transformation and finding innovative ways to integrate the latest technology into your business is essential in today’s marketplace. Digitizing your phone system optimizes your current business practice and implements strategies to ensure your business scales.

At DB Networks, our team of experts understands the myriad of ways your team can be more productive by using a hosted VoIP system. The best part is, it’s easy to install and more affordable than traditional phone systems.

We would be happy to walk you through all the features of a DB Networks Hosted PBX to help you understand how your business can take advantage of this technology, no matter your industry or team size.