The cloud is no longer just a technology term — it’s a business term.

The cloud is no longer just a technology term — it’s a business term.  Business are now moving their entire networks to the cloud and it is a move that all businesses need to consider in today’s world.  This is prime time for considering these moves.  The cost of continually updating your software can break a company financially, but at the same time is needed to make sure you are always keeping your systems up to date to be most effective.  Here are 6 reasons your company should be considering the cloud move today or in the near future!

  1. Scalability—-The cloud is highly scalable.  Resources and employees can be added or removed to and from the network quickly without any large investments.

  2. Security —-Cloud providers that are in compliance with SOC2 and SSAE16 must meet certain stringent requirements for monitoring and security, making sure you have enterprise class protection (even if you are a small sized business).

  3. Freedom —-With a properly hosted cloud vendor, you no longer have the worry of hardware, system security, backup, disaster recovery, operating system upgrades plus more!  This saves you money and time and allows for a “peace of mind” that your systems are being monitored and updated.

  4. Cost—-It is true that over time a move to the cloud will save your organization money.  Especially without the need of an on-site IT Manager or an IT company coming to site to handle all issues.  But, money should not be the only factor considered when moving to the cloud.  A move to the cloud moves your expenses from Capital expenditures to Operating Expenditures.  It allows for the ability to better manage your budget over a period of time and you no longer have the huge capital expenses every 3 to 5 years to upgrade your current systems.

  5. Business Continuity —-If done right, the cloud can provide you with a complete failover redundancy.  It takes care of your backups and restoration in one solution.  You can be back up and running quickly vs. spending days and money on trying to recover your data.

  6. Mobility —–In today’s world, it is all about being mobile. Getting your information on demand. When moving to a cloud solution, you can find a vendor that will allow you to be able to access your data whenever and wherever you want. These allows you to be more productive and time efficient. Need your data while at the office, on your laptop at home or on your tablet while travelling, a cloud solution can do that for you. Make your desktop available to you anywhere – no longer having to be tied to the desk to access your data!

Sound good?  It is not a fad, it is the way of the future and now is the time to consider that move.  You can start small and just do a backups online and then slowly migrate everything to the cloud or start big and move it all at once.  Whatever solution will work for you, we can help!

Some of our solutions for you:

  • Hosted Email

  • Email Security and Spam protection

  • Online backups of data – Either Server or individual PC’s

  • Microsoft 360

  • Audio or Video Conferencing

  • Online collaboration

  • Hosted Servers/Desktops

  • Hosted Voice